Monday, March 16, 2009

And We're Back

Sorry about the layoff, I was too lazy over the last week to do anything. But, we are back in business now. And away we go.

Working It Out 3/16/09

Why are they in a RAB? What the hell is a RAB?

Oh, wait. Is it supposed to be BAR? That would make more sense.

What kind of crazy BAR has no tables?

Heathcliff 3/16/09Why is Heathcliff sitting on the Old Man's dick? That's a whole new level of sickness.

Girls & Sports 3/16/09
If you need Viagra and you're under the age of 60, then you don't really need Viagra.
And it's not performance-enhancing if you have a legitimate medical condition.

The Dinette Set 3/16/09
What are JARTS? I have no idea what's going on in the rest of the panel, but in the lower right corner, there is a drawer labeled "JARTS". Does anyone know what that could possibly be?

Brevity 3/16/09
What are they voting for? That could have tremendous influence over whose vote is needed. And not all insects would have the same views, seeing as how some of them are carnivorous and some are herbivorous. I highly doubt that Bulldog Ants have the same political affiliation as Butterflies.


ComicGoddess said...

I'm very disturbed by the Heathcliff strip. After reading your comment, I took a closer look at it, and it appears there is a rather large and out of place bulge beneath Heathcliff. That old man is really packing it big, or the artist just really sucks at his job.

I looked up "Jarts." Apparently, they're lawn darts. There's a tournament and a very poorly constructed website:
According to wikipedia's article on jarts (, they're banned for sale in the US and Canada because a few kids died.

xy said...

hey, thanks for the info. i've asked for info before, but no one ever did anything, so i really do appreciate it.

ComicGoddess said...

No problem. What else am I going to do at one in the morning on a Monday night?