Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Post, A Post, My Kingdom for a Post

Wow, I've been lazy the last few days. Oh well. Here's a bunch of comics for you to not enjoy, with some commentary from me. You can enjoy that last bit, if you didn't then why did you come here?

Dinosaur Comics 3/10/09Forsooth, guys, don't you have something better to do? I mean, I don't, but you already knew that. You could go read Dinosaur Comics, it's great, plus there's a link over on the sidebar. Go ahead, click on it. But finish reading first.

Rudy Park 3/10/09
Who still likes Jessica Simpson? Yeah, she has big jugs, but she's so stupid and annoying that it makes it hard to care about the ginormous breasts.

Also, she can't sing very well and her songs suck.

Herb & Jamaal 3/10/09
Wow, insulting daytime talk shows. How original, Herb & Jamaal. What, you couldn't think of any "old people are old" jokes?

Girls & Sports 3/10/09
Isn't that kind of how it works anyway? Maybe you don't sign a contract, but the thought is there. And baseball isn't the sport I would use for this analogy. I'd go with football. NFL teams can dump any player at any time, but for the highest paid players they pay a price. That fits more with what relationships are like than baseball does.

Ferd'nand 3/10/09
What the hell kind of job is that? It must be something only rich people can afford.

It does raise a good question about how fat people get on a horse. I'm assuming they have a step or something.

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bman said...

It's too bad that you're dropping this one, but it's going around, so I understand.

Thanks for posting a link to my comic on your sidebar though!