Monday, March 30, 2009

The Biggest Post in the World

A Super-Hugely Gigantic Post for you today. Enjoy.

Speed Bump 3/30/09
Another crappy wordplay. Comic strips would be lost without them, as seen here.

The Barn 3/30/09
Now here's a wordplay I can get behind.

Side note: any hockey franchise would love to have a cow on its team. Imagine how much damage a cow could dish out on the ice. Sweetness.

Secret Asian Man 3/30/09
Sadly this is how almost everyone reacts when asked to help with volunteer work. Except all those awesome people that went to help fill sandbags in Fargo last week. Those people are cool.

Nancy 3/30/09
This is not a question for a horrible comic strip. It's not even a question for a good comic strip. This is a question for those among us that have way to much f***ing time and can afford to waste it debating nothing with no one.

Monty 3/30/09
Time travel should never be used for anything, ever. So this guy went back and is thought to be Lincoln's assassin. What happened to Booth? Time travel can never work because there is no way to predict all the variables of what will change simply because there is one more person in that time period than there should be.

Side note: Don't ruminate on time travel for more than a few minutes or you will bleed from the nose.

Luann 3/30/09
Luann - the soft-core porn of the comics page.

Grand Avenue 3/30/09
Why is there always this kid in class? It doesn't even matter what grade level you're talking about, there is always an overachiever that does way more than needed.

If you can't tell, I'm not one of those people. Although I possess an extremely high IQ, I hate to do more than is required. This is why I have yet to complete one semester of community college even though I have attempted it three times.

Two more months and I'll be done with a whole, entire year, so I'm nearly there.

Free Range 3/30/09
Just off panel there is a pedophilic serial killer.

Clearly they did not think this joke through.

Flight Deck 3/30/09
Is that what widows really talk about? And how f***ed in the head do you have to be to still blame stuff on your husband 8 years after he dies?

This panel just supports the stereotype that married women are the bitchiest things in the world.

I do not think that, just in case you were wondering.

Agnes 3/30/09
In a related story, I've been pre-approved for a loan, 13 credit cards, and I may have won $1 million.

Did that make you laugh? It shouldn't, this joke is getting pretty old.

Ten, count'em, ten comics today. I hope you're happy now because this big a post doesn't come around very often.


Bryce Baker said...


Pirk said...

that's too many comics. I read comics because my attention span is about a tenth as long as this

jk, I commend your hard work.
but I have no idea why the hockey strip is funny

xy said...

because he's on a farm team, like a minor league team. and he's on an actual farm.

it's not funny so much as clever in a not-completely retarded way.