Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fruit? No Thanks. I'll Stick to Fats and Sugars

Here we are again. Enjoy the day's post.

Lola 3/17/09
Hahaha! What a great joke! Only a stupid animal would eat fruit and nuts. Hahaha!

Well, except for the people that enjoy not getting colon cancer.

And hippies. But they really are stupid.

Cheap Thrills 3/17/09
Why would anyone thing to eat a poached egg in an avocado? Poached egg = gross. Avocado = okay. Poached egg inside an avocado = not cool at all.

Betty 3/17/09
I hope they're going to see a movie. A theater production involving skinless dead people would be very disturbing.
Also, that's a really long way to go for a joke about sunburn.

Ballard Street 3/17/09
I think the point of this panel is that you should never annoy Joyce because she'll stab you with a fork. I hope that's the point because there doesn't seem to be much of a punchline here.


sandy said...

I know you'll probably read this and say " well-duh, I was making a joke....", but the Betty cartoon is I believe referring to the show that went to museums last year called "Bodies" and was made of many dead skinless humans that were posed in different ways to show off many of the human organs. I think the show originated in China.

xy said...

i did not know that. but it could have been a bit more obvious, you know, to help dumbasses like me.

sandy said...

I don't know why a strip like Betty would even go that way for jokes...Argyle sweater or other Far Side influenced strips yes, but Betty???

K.T. said...

When I first saw that Ballard Street strip in my daily newspaper, I thought that "Joyce" there had giant amoebas dancing on the table in front of her. I suppose forks... make a little more sense?