Monday, April 27, 2009

Close to a Point

I apologize for all those days I missed. This week should be a little better.

I'm also gearing up for a very special post. Those of you keeping track (read: none of you) might notice that I'm nearing the 100 post mark. I haven't decided what I'm doing, but I hoping for something really cool.

Luann 4/27/09
I'm sure that's what firefighters are saying. "Oh, my stars! Thank goodness for these suits or we'd be burned alive, don'tcha know!"

Grand Avenue 4/27/09
Does anyone pay attention to yippy dogs besides their owners? And this is surely a sign that iPods are on the way out. There's no coming back from becoming a comic strip joke.

B.C. 4/27/09
The people that own the rights to Captain Caveman are going to be pissed at B.C.
Also, does that guy have no sensation in his skin? He should be able to feel if it's humid or not just by standing there.

Soup to Nutz 4/27/09
What the hell kind of bug is that? It looks like an ant, but it has wings and is extremely aggressive. It would make a little sense if this was set in Australia or Africa where they have crazy bugs like that.

Cow & Boy 4/27/09
Question: How did Cow get his wings on?
Answer: Who cares? He's got a flame thrower!


ComicGoddess said...

I'll look it up and post back later, but I know there are ants that bite and have wings. So there. *sticks out tongue like 5 year-old*

xy said...

i know they exist, but they aren't generally found where Soup to Nutz is supposed to be set. unless i have missed the mark on the setting of Soup to Nutz.

bman said...

Who cares about ants?! By the time you get to Cow and Boy (the most amazingly random comic strip... possibly EVER) everything else burns away. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH THEM? And I mean that in a good way.