Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Return to Partial Sanity

Sorry about yesterday, but wow. After seeing that Gil Thorp, I just couldn't concentrate on anything else which sucks because I had some good comics to mock. So, instead of discarding all of them, I've included a couple from yesterday and a couple from today. Combined, they are not as insane as yesterday's Gil Thorp.

Nancy 4/8/09
Sign of spring: the month switched from March to April.

Sign of spring: the temperature is consistently over freezing.

Sign of spring: people no longer have to read Nancy because they can go outside.

Does Anaheim still have the Rally Monkey?

The Dinette Set 4/8/09
This panel features a continuation of one of the worst jokes in recent memory. What's so funny about movies being made into ice shows? Is it that they would never work as ice shows? Because that's pretty lame.
Also, the joke about hemorrhoids is pretty f*cking stupid. If you've ever had a hemorroid, you know that it is not a laughing matter.

F Minus 4/9/09
My pieces point to him trying to masturbate while floating on a couch. Where do your pieces point?

Luann 4/9/09
So that's what the kids call it nowadays? They must be going to have anal sex.

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Pirk said...

the boob flower bothers me a little more than anything ever written on anyone's shirt