Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fresh Meat

We have some new(er) comics to add to the list of unreadable, unfunny garbage. Today's first two comics are new to and, as usual, terrible. At least they are so far, we'll see if they get any better.

Little Dog Lost 4/2/09Yeah, don't yell anything at me from your coffin after you die and are unable to speak because you are no longer alive.

I hate when people say stupid things like that.

It's All About You 4/2/09
What if I sold my soul to the Devil? Then you'd be messing with his property and I don't think that's something you want.

Also, please don't punch me in the face. I don't care what you do to my soul, but leave my face alone.

Girls & Sports 4/2/09
Why is technology involved in . . . that word? Damn, I'm so manly that I can't even type it. I must have dropped an extra testicle recently.

Side Note: If I had dropped an extra testicle, I would have 5. That's right, I was born with 4 testicles.

Side Note to Side Note: I do not have extra testicles. I have the normal amount for a regular human.

Side Note to Side Note of Side Note: This has been an exercise to see how many times I could type testicle in reference to one comic. I think I did pretty good.

Family Tree 4/2/09
Sales people are stupid. People that believe sales people are really stupid. I'm not saying they're stupid all the time, they just made a stupid decision based on someone exploiting their emotions.

B.C. 4/2/09
His 'dignity' must be huge because that's one long throat.

Arlo & Janis 4/2/09
I don't understand what being a man has to do with shitting in the garden. Are a lot of guys shitting in their girlfriend's/wife's garden? If they are they should likely be arrested because that is indecent exposure, among other things.

Committed 4/2/09
Ha . . . ha . . . ha. What a clever joke about the fact that babies can't communicate. How mind-numbingly original. Wait, what's that thing that's the opposite of original? Because the definition of that word is this comic.

1 comment:

Pirk said...

well the dog having a flea under his contact lens is pretty funny. if only they hadn't put that second crappy joke under it.

thanks for reading ever comic on the internet, and then making us read the worst ones on your blog. I bet it's a dirty job - you should invite Mike Rowe to shadow you for a day.