Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Nothing much to say today. Enjoy the comic beatdown.

Heathcliff 4/21/09 Those dogs aren't pissed because Heathcliff caught them, they're pissed because they were transported from the Enterprise and ended up half-embedded in a wall.

Honestly, is this just laziness by the artist? Or does he not know that this looks like crap?

Luann 4/21/09

Why is Luann dating a midget Elvis impersonator? And why are her parents so stupid? I hate Luann. I wish it would die.

The Buckets 4/21/09
You will probably need to click-to-enlarge the comic to see it, but the comic is called "Wolver-Man". I just thought that I would share that with you because it's so awesome.

Brevity 4/21/09
Does the Brawny guy really exist? And would he buy Brawny paper-towels?
Also, I like the fact that not even the Wimpy brand guy wants to buy Wimpy brand paper-towels.

The Other Coast 4/21/09
How many Bear-Human encounters involve drinking and showing pictures of your house to bears? I've never had a Bear-Human encounter like that and I likely never will. Please, share any of your Bear-Human encounters that involved anything other than running away and shitting your pants.

Cow & Boy 4/21/09
Cow & Boy continues to defy description. It is useless through three panels, but cranks out the awesome with the last panel. Just imagine the insanity it could induce if it was four daily panels as insane as the last one seen here.

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bman said...

You know, every time I see one of those Cow & Boy strips, it makes me laugh. I think I'm on the same wavelength as that guy.

Anyway... the Brevity strip was funny. I don't care. It's hilarious that there's a "Wimpy" brand paper towel and it's hilarious that the Brawny man's being a D. Awesome.

As for Bear-Human encounters... who let the Bears into the bar? Or is this that crazy place at Disney with the sing/dancing bears after hours when the bears finally have a chance to unwind and in walks this guy... Whatever, those bears aren't going to lose their job over that. They've seen worse. They work at Disney.