Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Super Post to the Rescue!

Sorry about the other day, I was being lazy and then I had to do the DCR post because Bryce was out of commission. Here's a bunch for you today. I even ventured to the depths of Gocomics.com for you today.

Remember to take breaks when using your computer for extended time periods.

Bound and Gagged 4/7/09
This is either a poop joke or a subtle jab at the state of London's premier newspaper.

I bet it's a poop joke.

Reynolds Unwrapped 4/7/09
Much funnier caption:"The lip transplant didn't take so they put an organ in her mouth."
That's right, I went there.
Joe Vanilla 4/7/09
Silly crudely drawn man, don't you know that no one actually reads blogs?

Secret Asian Man 4/7/09
I went to see Watchmen (not as good as advertised, but what is these days?) and for some reason, another theater patron decided that it would be a good idea to bring their small child. I mean really small, only slightly bigger than an infant. What is wrong with people? First off, the material is too smart for most adults to understand so a child that can't speak doesn't need to speak. Second off, there was some extreme violence and nudity which no child needs to see. Third off, the movie wasn't that good, I could have told you it wasn't going to be that good in January. If you couldn't find someone to babysit, it wouldn't have been a loss to stay at home.
The child didn't make any noise at least.

The Knight Life 4/7/09
It looks more like a cat than a cat-woman. And I don't think that the Hulk cares about the environment since he his a mindless killing machine (the good Hulk is anyway).

It's All About You 4/7/09
Women only exist to make men feel guilty. Nice display of originality. NOT!
Did you see what I did there? Using an old, unoriginal joke to mock a comic that's using an old, unoriginal joke is great fun. You should try it.

Girls & Sports 4/7/09
Damn that equality. Why couldn't the men of the '60's and '70's have stood up to those bitches?
Probably because they were burning their bras, which makes it impossible to say no to a woman.

BC 4/7/09
Women's only joy in life is to tell others what to do. Even cavemen were subjected to the tyranny of the cavewomen.
Was it Woman Bashing Day or something? I found 3 comics and I only looked at slightly more than what you see here.

F Minus 4/7/09
Do they have cookies in the Girl Scout Reserves? If so, then sign me up!
Oh damn, I forgot I'm not a 12-year-old girl. Anymore.
Just kidding. I'll always be a 12-year-old girl in my heart.

Little Dog Lost 4/7/09
Yes, trust the lemming. He is your friend and would never lead you to danger. The lemming will always protect you.
Until you run off a cliff because you were dumb enough to trust the lemming.

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