Friday, April 17, 2009

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Posting is going to be very erratic for the next month or two as I finish school and move around a bit. I'll try to get 3 a week at least, but I can't make any promises.

Would you really miss me anyway?

Lola 4/17/09
The spider would have changed many times over that pig's lifetime. And that pig wouldn't be made into sausage because it's too old.

Might make a good football though.

Betty 4/17/09
You know what I'm concerned about in this comic? That this doesn't happen in real life. Parents have no idea what their kids are doing and honestly, I don't think they even care. There has been much controversy about videogames and their role in causing violence. My belief is that if parents took a bit of interest in what their kids were playing, kids would have a better understanding of what is being depicted in games. I don't think that violent videogames cause kids to be more violent. Kids that do crazy shit after playing a game were probably going to do something crazy no matter what.
Sorry about that. Now back to your regularly scheduled humor.

Candorville 4/17/09
Dear Susan: Due to the current economic climate, you're fired. And please don't come into my office and yell at me because I'm a pathetic excuse for a human being that can't be bothered with experiencing the pain and suffering my gigantic bonus has caused.


Anonymous said...

Holy crap. I just wasted 1 hour on your blog when I was supposed to be working.

Anyways, there was a reference to Charlotte's Web in the Lola comic. Just so you know.

xy said...

Holy crap! someone is still reading this! i had no idea!

thanks for the support, maybe someday i'll get back to doing this blog regularly.

Anonymous said...
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