Friday, April 3, 2009

Why Are There Giant Dog Statues?

First: You may have noticed a different look. That's because I got rid of all those pesky Google Ads and got some nice Project Wonderful ads. Right now, they're all blank, but soon there will ads from all kinds of places.

Second: There really isn't a second, but here are the comics for today.

PC and Pixel 4/3/09Either the joke is so intelligent that I don't get it or so stupid that I don't get it. I'm betting on the latter.

Lola 4/3/09
This is sadly true, as anyone with a Facebook account knows. The lastest update basically made it look like Twitter, but with more crap thrown in.

Ferd'nand 4/3/09
Where did Ferd'nand get that bathing suit? If you look closely at the first panel, he is clearly not wearing anything under his pants, and there is no suit pictured nearby.

Also, you would have to hit the ball with a force that is beyond human capability for it to do that.

Oh, my science! Ferd'nand is an android. Or maybe a mutant. Or maybe the writer doesn't care about the laws of physics.

Probably the last one.

Betty 4/3/09
Also, you're not a chef, you're a bitch.


Pirk said...

does Ferd'nand always shake uncontrollably like that, or is that from the rush of getting naked outdoors?

xy said...

i think it's cold out. that would explain why he decided to put on swim trunks after striping completely naked.