Thursday, April 30, 2009

I Am Stupid

Now that we got that 100th post out of the way, we can get back to bashing comics.

EDIT: I just realized, some 8 hours after writing today's post, that I forgot a post title. It has been added and I think it is appropriate.

The Argyle Sweater 4/30/09
Noah's Ark jokes have been old for thousands of years. If you believe that sort of thing.

La Cucaracha 4/30/09
Is there a bottled water company out there that advertises its water as 'fat-free'? That seems like it's implying that some company out there actually is making bottled water with fat in it.

And yes, I stole that joke from Lewis Black.

Joe Vanilla 4/30/09
"And try to keep from melting into the chair."

F Minus 4/30/09
It's a common mistake to confuse Boot Camp with Boot Fetish Camp. One is horrible beyond description and the other one involves the military.

The Barn 4/30/09
This was the best you could come up with? You've got a talking sheep answering the phone at a Vet Clinic and the best joke you could scrounge up was a wrong number? You couldn't come up with something about confusing veteran and veterinarians? That would have been much funnier.

Reality Check 4/30/09
It's almost like you're standing in a library full of people that don't talk.

Are mimes supposed to keep their miming to a minimum when they're in the library?

9 Chickweed Lane 4/30/09
Excuse me for a moment.


The Dinette Set 4/30/09
I don't understand what the punchline of this panel is. Something to do with AIG employees being really rich? Because that's a false assumption, most of the people working at AIG aren't any more wealthy than the average person.

The reason I hate The Dinette Set: It tries to do too many things and sucks at all of them.

Cow & Boy 4/30/09
What's this? Continuity in a non-Soap comic strip? Blasphemy! And it's from a month ago! And it's still funny!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Newsflash: Almost Popular Blog Hits Meaningless Milestone, Plans To Celebrate For No Reason

Here we are. The 100th post of the Blog of Comics and stuff, formerly the Sometimes blog. The name and URL had to change because I went from posting sometimes to posting 5 days a week. I haven't always been able to keep up the 5 day a week schedule, but I've done pretty well for all the other things I have to do. Since this blog started in December I started another blog that is much more popular than this one and I joined an even more popular blog. The Blog of comics and other stuff hasn't featured much 'other stuff' so far, I've got the Word of the Day and that's it. I always planned on having other things, but I've been sidetracked by other obligations and real-life situations. School, moving, Marmaduke, and the DCR have all taken time away from the Blog of comics, but I think that it has refined my style and made me better at what I do.

Obviously the goal is too be the next Josh Fruhlinger or Joe Mathlete, but that is just something to shoot for, not something I think will happen. They had original ideas or a new way to implement an idea, the rest of us are just copying. But they say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I hope they see it that way. Those two luminaries aside, the reason I began this particular blog goes by the name Bryce Baker. He started the Daily Comics Review just over a year ago now and last December he asked for new people to join his cause. Even as I voiced my interest, Bryce wanted a sample of my writing skills. That sample of writing has morphed into this collection of rants, reviews, and medical word information.

I am quite proud of my body of work. I never thought that I would keep it going for 4 weeks, much less 4 months. My relative success (15 readers a day!?) has kept me in the game and I look forward to the 200th post, which projections have at sometime in August/September. Several of my ideas have transferred from this blog to the DCR. Webcomic of the Week is the only one that has a name to it and has been controversal at times and always fun to do. I've made contacts with creator/authors and there is something special I have to share from the one I know the best. Brian Russell of The Underfold has made a special edition of The Underfold which I requested and then unrequested and then said it would be cool if he wanted to do one anyway even though I didn't plan on using anything for the post, but he's a cool guy and made a great comic to mark the occasion. I cannot thank him enough.

A new comic post will be out by the end of the week. And it looks to be a big one.

The Underfold Blog of Comics and Other Stuff 100th Post Special

Monday, April 27, 2009

You Down With PPD?

PPD - Purified Protien Derivative. A skin test for tuberculosis antibodies. A false positive can occur if the patient has been exposed to TB in the past but does not have active TB . Also called Mantoux Test.

I had to look up the proper spelling of Mantoux. Damn Frenchmen.

Is there a medical word you would like to know the definition of? Leave a comment and try to stump me. I promise I'll try to define it without references and I'll let you know if I couldn't do it.

Close to a Point

I apologize for all those days I missed. This week should be a little better.

I'm also gearing up for a very special post. Those of you keeping track (read: none of you) might notice that I'm nearing the 100 post mark. I haven't decided what I'm doing, but I hoping for something really cool.

Luann 4/27/09
I'm sure that's what firefighters are saying. "Oh, my stars! Thank goodness for these suits or we'd be burned alive, don'tcha know!"

Grand Avenue 4/27/09
Does anyone pay attention to yippy dogs besides their owners? And this is surely a sign that iPods are on the way out. There's no coming back from becoming a comic strip joke.

B.C. 4/27/09
The people that own the rights to Captain Caveman are going to be pissed at B.C.
Also, does that guy have no sensation in his skin? He should be able to feel if it's humid or not just by standing there.

Soup to Nutz 4/27/09
What the hell kind of bug is that? It looks like an ant, but it has wings and is extremely aggressive. It would make a little sense if this was set in Australia or Africa where they have crazy bugs like that.

Cow & Boy 4/27/09
Question: How did Cow get his wings on?
Answer: Who cares? He's got a flame thrower!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prodrome - An early, nonspecific symptom of that occurs before an acute attack of illness.

Is there a medical word you would like to know the definition of? Leave a comment and try to stump me. I promise I'll try to define it without references and I'll let you know if I couldn't do it.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Witty Comment Not Found

Spirochete - Bacteria of the Spirochaeta family. Spirochaeta bacteria have a worm-like appearance. A type of this bacteria is the cause of syphilis.

Is there a medical word you would like to know the definition of? Leave a comment and try to stump me. I promise I'll try to define it without references and I'll let you know if I couldn't do it.


Nothing much to say today. Enjoy the comic beatdown.

Heathcliff 4/21/09 Those dogs aren't pissed because Heathcliff caught them, they're pissed because they were transported from the Enterprise and ended up half-embedded in a wall.

Honestly, is this just laziness by the artist? Or does he not know that this looks like crap?

Luann 4/21/09

Why is Luann dating a midget Elvis impersonator? And why are her parents so stupid? I hate Luann. I wish it would die.

The Buckets 4/21/09
You will probably need to click-to-enlarge the comic to see it, but the comic is called "Wolver-Man". I just thought that I would share that with you because it's so awesome.

Brevity 4/21/09
Does the Brawny guy really exist? And would he buy Brawny paper-towels?
Also, I like the fact that not even the Wimpy brand guy wants to buy Wimpy brand paper-towels.

The Other Coast 4/21/09
How many Bear-Human encounters involve drinking and showing pictures of your house to bears? I've never had a Bear-Human encounter like that and I likely never will. Please, share any of your Bear-Human encounters that involved anything other than running away and shitting your pants.

Cow & Boy 4/21/09
Cow & Boy continues to defy description. It is useless through three panels, but cranks out the awesome with the last panel. Just imagine the insanity it could induce if it was four daily panels as insane as the last one seen here.

Monday, April 20, 2009

What Happens in Vagus. . .

Vagus Nerve - Also known as Cranial Nerve X or the 10th cranial nerve. Provides innervation to pharynx, larynx, trachea, lungs, heart, esophagus, and most of the intestinal tract. I think it's safe to say that the vagus nerve is pretty damn important.

Is there a medical word you would like to know the definition of? Leave a comment and try to stump me. I promise I'll try to define it without references and I'll let you know if I couldn't do it.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Some Blog

Posting is going to be very erratic for the next month or two as I finish school and move around a bit. I'll try to get 3 a week at least, but I can't make any promises.

Would you really miss me anyway?

Lola 4/17/09
The spider would have changed many times over that pig's lifetime. And that pig wouldn't be made into sausage because it's too old.

Might make a good football though.

Betty 4/17/09
You know what I'm concerned about in this comic? That this doesn't happen in real life. Parents have no idea what their kids are doing and honestly, I don't think they even care. There has been much controversy about videogames and their role in causing violence. My belief is that if parents took a bit of interest in what their kids were playing, kids would have a better understanding of what is being depicted in games. I don't think that violent videogames cause kids to be more violent. Kids that do crazy shit after playing a game were probably going to do something crazy no matter what.
Sorry about that. Now back to your regularly scheduled humor.

Candorville 4/17/09
Dear Susan: Due to the current economic climate, you're fired. And please don't come into my office and yell at me because I'm a pathetic excuse for a human being that can't be bothered with experiencing the pain and suffering my gigantic bonus has caused.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Pleasant, isn't it?

Hydrocele - accumulation of fluid in the scrotum.

Is there a medical word you would like to know the definition of? Leave a comment and try to stump me. I promise I'll try to define it without references and I'll let you know if I couldn't do it.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yet Another Reason to Drink

Another day of posting in a timely manner? What has happened? Have I gone off the deep end?

No, I just have some free time and am doing what I said I would do. I'll let you know when I've lost it.

Secret Asian Man 4/15/09
Cigarettes actually pay for quite a bit. Think of all the taxes on cigarettes. Those taxes are paying for all kinds of stuff: schools, roads, Medicare. If the government pays for it, cigarettes are helping.

Just imagine all the stuff the government could buy if they started taxing prostitution and drugs like marijuana and Ecstasy.

Luann 4/15/09
TJ is the creepiest character on the comic page. Seriously, if you ever say someone that looked like that in real life, you would run. Or maybe hit him with the mace.
Also, what's the deal with the crepes? Who even has time to make crepes? Just put your berries or whatever on a pancake. It's the same thing and you don't have to waste time wrapping the stupid thing.

Frank & Earnest 4/15/09
Does the IRS even accept cash? And who would be able to afford to pay cash except for the super-wealthy? Not many people I know have thousands of extra dollars in cash laying around.

The Other Coast 4/15/09
I guess the writer lives in a house with no windows and doesn't own a calender. I'm in Minnesota and it's f*cking hot out. If it were to precipitate, it would be rain, not snow.
Also, that guy is incredibly stupid. "Gee, how did he know it was me?" Maybe because he has eyes, you f*cking imbecile.

The Meaning of Lila 4/15/09

Are there any managers reading this right now? Would you let your employees skip work because it's their birthday? You might let them use vacation days or maybe a personal day, but you wouldn't let them out of work just because it's their birthday, would you? I know I wouldn't, but I'm a heartless, evil bastard of a person.

Also, even if they did let you leave for your birthday, any company worth its salt will have records of that kind of thing and if they catch you trying to do it twice, you'll likely be sacked.

Why the Complicated Name?

α-tocopherol - the most prevalent form of vitamin E in the human body.

Is there a medical word you would like to know the definition of? Leave a comment and try to stump me. I promise I'll try to define it without references and I'll let you know if I couldn't do it.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Blog is Risen, Risen Indeed

Ah, it feels good to be back in the saddle. Of course, I've never been in a real saddle, but it feels good to be destroying the 'jokes' in comic strips again.

Graffiti 4/14/09
What a fresh joke this is. Only 15 years behind the curve set by sitcoms and stand-up comedians. And I have never seen a toupee that remotely resembled a hood. Such a thing would be even dumber than Graffiti, and that's pretty tough.

Agnes 4/14/09
Does Agnes live in the early 1990's? What child has access to a fax machine? And I'm pretty sure that teachers wouldn't accept a fax, at least not in elementary school.

Drabble 4/14/09
Yep, women only have one purpose: to annoy men. And men's only purpose is to lie about being annoyed by women.

I wonder if this kind of humor would be acceptable is Hilary Clinton was the President. My guess is that no one would notice because only people like me read Drabble.

Arlo & Janis 4/14/09
I don't understand the joke. Is it that he doesn't want his phone to work so he doesn't have to talk to his wife? Is it that she wants his phone to work so she can contact him at all times?

I am tired of comic strip writers thinking that they can phone it in and no one will notice or care. Soon there will only webcomics if you keep it up guys. Half the retarded manga fan art webcomics I sift through each week looking for something decent is better than this.

Capitalism Wins Again!

My latest attempt at reader participation has yielded the following results: 7 votes. 4 people prefer Project Wonderful ads. 3 people prefer no ads and think that I am a capitalist pig.

The people have spoken, Project Wonderful ads shall remain.

And yes, I would have taken down all ads if that had been the wish of the majority.

I would too, stop doubting me. It's not like I make any money anyway. The big money is on Marmaduke for the Masses.

There will be a comic post at some point today, but it may be much later than ever before.

A What Kind of Bear?

After a long layoff, I have returned. Many things contributed to the work stoppage and they should be resolved for now. We start off with a Word of the Day. Enjoy.

Phytobezoar - gastric concretion of vegetable matter such as skins and seeds.

Basically a mass of undigestable vegetable material gets stuck in the intestine, which can lead to infections and other problems.

Is there a medical word you would like to know the definition of? Leave a comment and try to stump me. I promise I'll try to define without references and I'll let you know if I couldn't do it.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Return to Partial Sanity

Sorry about yesterday, but wow. After seeing that Gil Thorp, I just couldn't concentrate on anything else which sucks because I had some good comics to mock. So, instead of discarding all of them, I've included a couple from yesterday and a couple from today. Combined, they are not as insane as yesterday's Gil Thorp.

Nancy 4/8/09
Sign of spring: the month switched from March to April.

Sign of spring: the temperature is consistently over freezing.

Sign of spring: people no longer have to read Nancy because they can go outside.

Does Anaheim still have the Rally Monkey?

The Dinette Set 4/8/09
This panel features a continuation of one of the worst jokes in recent memory. What's so funny about movies being made into ice shows? Is it that they would never work as ice shows? Because that's pretty lame.
Also, the joke about hemorrhoids is pretty f*cking stupid. If you've ever had a hemorroid, you know that it is not a laughing matter.

F Minus 4/9/09
My pieces point to him trying to masturbate while floating on a couch. Where do your pieces point?

Luann 4/9/09
So that's what the kids call it nowadays? They must be going to have anal sex.

Like the Crypt Keeper?

Cryptorchidism - the condition of having an undescended testicle.

Is there a medical word you would like to know the definition of? Leave a comment and try to stump me. I promise I'll try to define without references and I'll let you know if I couldn't do it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Mind Hurts

I could only do one today because of it's magnificence.

Gil Thorp 4/8/09Do not think about the physics of these four panels for too long or you will go blind.

Why Lord? WHY?

Lordosis - Exaggerated forward curvature of the lumbar and cervical regions of the spine.

Is there any word you would like to know the definition of? Leave a comment and try to stump me. I promise I'll try to define without references and I'll let you know if I couldn't do it.
Must be a medical word because that is what I have been studying.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Super Post to the Rescue!

Sorry about the other day, I was being lazy and then I had to do the DCR post because Bryce was out of commission. Here's a bunch for you today. I even ventured to the depths of for you today.

Remember to take breaks when using your computer for extended time periods.

Bound and Gagged 4/7/09
This is either a poop joke or a subtle jab at the state of London's premier newspaper.

I bet it's a poop joke.

Reynolds Unwrapped 4/7/09
Much funnier caption:"The lip transplant didn't take so they put an organ in her mouth."
That's right, I went there.
Joe Vanilla 4/7/09
Silly crudely drawn man, don't you know that no one actually reads blogs?

Secret Asian Man 4/7/09
I went to see Watchmen (not as good as advertised, but what is these days?) and for some reason, another theater patron decided that it would be a good idea to bring their small child. I mean really small, only slightly bigger than an infant. What is wrong with people? First off, the material is too smart for most adults to understand so a child that can't speak doesn't need to speak. Second off, there was some extreme violence and nudity which no child needs to see. Third off, the movie wasn't that good, I could have told you it wasn't going to be that good in January. If you couldn't find someone to babysit, it wouldn't have been a loss to stay at home.
The child didn't make any noise at least.

The Knight Life 4/7/09
It looks more like a cat than a cat-woman. And I don't think that the Hulk cares about the environment since he his a mindless killing machine (the good Hulk is anyway).

It's All About You 4/7/09
Women only exist to make men feel guilty. Nice display of originality. NOT!
Did you see what I did there? Using an old, unoriginal joke to mock a comic that's using an old, unoriginal joke is great fun. You should try it.

Girls & Sports 4/7/09
Damn that equality. Why couldn't the men of the '60's and '70's have stood up to those bitches?
Probably because they were burning their bras, which makes it impossible to say no to a woman.

BC 4/7/09
Women's only joy in life is to tell others what to do. Even cavemen were subjected to the tyranny of the cavewomen.
Was it Woman Bashing Day or something? I found 3 comics and I only looked at slightly more than what you see here.

F Minus 4/7/09
Do they have cookies in the Girl Scout Reserves? If so, then sign me up!
Oh damn, I forgot I'm not a 12-year-old girl. Anymore.
Just kidding. I'll always be a 12-year-old girl in my heart.

Little Dog Lost 4/7/09
Yes, trust the lemming. He is your friend and would never lead you to danger. The lemming will always protect you.
Until you run off a cliff because you were dumb enough to trust the lemming.

That Is Disgusting

Steatorrhea - excessive discharge of fat in the feces sometimes causing the feces to float, aka a floater.

Is there any word you would like to know the definition of? Leave a comment and try to stump me. I promise I'll try to define without references and I'll let you know if I couldn't do it.

Must be a medical word because that is what I have been studying.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Poll Time Again

There is totally a new poll to vote on. That is all there is today because I am busy/lazy and am doing other things. Sorry!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Why Are There Giant Dog Statues?

First: You may have noticed a different look. That's because I got rid of all those pesky Google Ads and got some nice Project Wonderful ads. Right now, they're all blank, but soon there will ads from all kinds of places.

Second: There really isn't a second, but here are the comics for today.

PC and Pixel 4/3/09Either the joke is so intelligent that I don't get it or so stupid that I don't get it. I'm betting on the latter.

Lola 4/3/09
This is sadly true, as anyone with a Facebook account knows. The lastest update basically made it look like Twitter, but with more crap thrown in.

Ferd'nand 4/3/09
Where did Ferd'nand get that bathing suit? If you look closely at the first panel, he is clearly not wearing anything under his pants, and there is no suit pictured nearby.

Also, you would have to hit the ball with a force that is beyond human capability for it to do that.

Oh, my science! Ferd'nand is an android. Or maybe a mutant. Or maybe the writer doesn't care about the laws of physics.

Probably the last one.

Betty 4/3/09
Also, you're not a chef, you're a bitch.